Meet Gizmo. And Follow Him. Forever.

This is Gizmo. For nearly 10 years now, he has been my best friend, constant companion, and a subpar vermin hunter. He’s also exceedingly neurotic, and he may or may not be a revolutionary. Actually, this is him about 5 years ago, striking his most triumphant and visionary pose. These days, he’s a little grayer:

And he spends considerably more time napping in the sun:

Despite his years, he still makes an excellent camping companion:

About 12 hours after that picture was taken, Gizmo found himself on the losing end of a transaction with a skunk. He hiked his tiny ass off, though. This is Gizmo’s new Puppy Tweet:

This is Gizmo wearing his new Puppy Tweet:

See what I was saying about the gray?? This is what Gizmo thinks about having to wear his new Puppy Tweet:

Follow Gizmo on Twitter @babyFgizmo.

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