Seriously, Donald Trump: STFU

An article from GOOD this morning shows that our old boy Donald Trump is at it again, this time advocating to George Stephanopoulos that the United States violate the Hague Convention in order to replenish our oil reserves:

Trump: George, let me explain something to you. We go into Iraq. We have spent thus far, $1.5 trillion. We could have rebuilt half of the United States. $1.5 trillion. And we’re going to then leave. So, in the old days, you know when you had a war, to the victor belong the spoils. You go in. You win the war and you take it.

Stephanopoulos: It would take hundreds of thousands of troops to secure the oil fields.

Trump: Excuse me.  No, it wouldn’t at all.

Stephanopoulos: So, we steal an oil field?

Trump: Excuse me. You’re not stealing. Excuse me. You’re not stealing anything. You’re taking–we’re reimbursing ourselves–at least, at a minimum, and I say more. We’re taking back $1.5 trillion to reimburse ourselves.

Maybe it’s just me, but when I hear a man say in earnest, “to the victor belong the spoils,” I can’t help but picture him wearing a scarlet red, fur-trimmed cape while chowing down on an enormous turkey leg. That’s some monarch shit right there, Donald.

I also like how he uses the classic schoolyard distinction between stealing and taking. “Oh, so we’re not stealing this oil? We’re just taking it? The owners don’t want it any more? Oh, they do. So they’re letting us have it? No; they don’t want us to have it? But we’re taking it anyway? Well, what the fuck, you’re in charge, King Combover.” Can someone please assess this dude for antisocial personality disorder? I’ll even let you borrow my DSM-IV.

Read the full article here. Oh, and in case I haven’t made it clear: Donald Trump, STFU.


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