New look, same snark

No, you’re not on mushrooms, Tiles really does look different this morning. Well, maybe you’re on mushrooms too, but that’s just a coincidence.

As promised, I’m doing some straightening up around the place. Among the new features are the Recent Posts and Archive sections to the right, as well as the new Category Cloud. I’m still working on developing new categories and re-classifying all the posts, hence the giant “Uncategorized” right in the middle of the cloud. Right now there are 3 categories: “Shore” and “STFU” are rather self-explanatory, whereas “PSAs” are just general announcement posts (like this one!), rather than having any kind of content. The conversion process isn’t complete yet, so for example if you click on “Shore” right now, you won’t actually link to all the “Jersey Shore” (alternate title: “Soon To Be Banned in Europe!”) posts…but soon!

Hopefully this makes the blog a little more navigable and just a bit…spicier? Saltier? Zingier? That’s it. Zingier.

Until next time, cats and kittens.



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2 responses to “New look, same snark

  1. I’m not gonna lie, the new category cloud is pretty sweet but I miss your background when you had two men kissing!

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