Meet the Author II: The Sequel

As I acknowledged on Monday, I’ve been away from the blog for a bit. Not in the tiling business for a time, for those of you who prefer poorly constructed puns. I’ve been reflecting on this over the last few days, trying to decide where I was exactly and just what I was doing with my time. All I could come up with is that I’ve been, well, busy. That may seem strange to those of you who are mostly familiar with me through this blog — and especially this video — but since then business has decidedly picked up. That’s obviously good, because I get to eat, but one side effect has been the neglect of Tiles. So, in order to explain just who the fuck I think I am being so neglectful, I’ll give you an update on just what the fuck I’ve got going on:

  1. I found a writing gig. Three, in fact. They each have their ups and downs (e.g., one pays very little but I can take assignments at will, while the one that pays the most is also the least steady), and the volume of work I have on my desk fluctuates wildly, but the end result is key: I get paid to write words. I’m going to go ahead and cross “Step 1” off my plan.
  2. I’m co-writing a pilot. It’s still a very nascent project, as my colleague and I have only been working on it for about three months– two in earnest. The goal is to convince a network to air it for us, thereby baring our hearts on a national stage for all to see and forcing us to churn out fresh ideas constantly under immense pressure. Shit, maybe we should re-think this idea…
  3. In order to keep enough cash coming in to pay the bills — keep in mind I only said I am getting paid to write, not that I am getting paid a lot — I run a small eBay business.

None of these ventures has made me rich yet, and only 33% of them have any direct chance to do so. It’s a lot further along then when I hatched this crazy scheme, though. Four months ago, I was just a dude staring down the barrel of my own resignation, with no concrete idea of how I was going to keep the lights on, just this nebulous goal to “be a writer.”

Now, I’m a professional writer. I sleep at night. I exercise every day. I get to create. I feel like I should quote some Alanis Morrisette lyrics here or something.

Remember back when I said this is gonna be a fun ride? Well, now it’s starting to speed up.



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2 responses to “Meet the Author II: The Sequel

  1. Seth from NJ

    Are you still wearing the same scarf?

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