Did anything happen today?

I’m well aware that it’s late in the afternoon and I have yet to put up a new post. And no, it’s not because I’m lazy. The fact of the matter is, I don’t think anything noteworthy happened today. I mean, usually the process is that something happens to me, or I see something, or I read something in the news or on a blog and then that triggers me to write. Today? Nothing. There were no subway rants or stupid halftime shows– not even a broken down oversized partymobile. I’ve spent the entire day looking for things worth writing (Tiling?) about, and still we all have nothing to show for it.

I considered reaching back into my vault of saved topics to go on about Kanye’s crazed abortion tweet from last week. Two things stopped me: 1) seems like that’s verging dangerously close to “old news” territory at this point, and 2) I presumed you guys could only take so much of me angrily ranting against people saying dumb shit in a given week. I’m just a man who’s hopelessly dedicated to your happiness, after all.

And yes, I could write about Charlie Sheen, because I’ve spent the last few days appreciating his antics and being dazzled by his profound psychopathology, but I have made a concerted effort not to cover him simply because EVERYONE ELSE IS. Someone has to be the voice of reason and moderation here, and we sure as hell know it’s not going to be the MaSheen himself. So no, I won’t be going into the ramblings of the high priest Vatican assassin warlock himself. If you’re anxious for some Sheen, check out his “20/20” interview from last night…or click his head for random quotes…or look at pictures of cats quoting his madness…or get yourself a “Winning” T-shirt and follow him on Twitter, because you certainly won’t be reading about him here on Tiles. Shit, wait a minute…

Oh well. Stay tuned tomorrow, when I will be publishing a post consisting solely of the random series of characters that happen to appear when I bang my head against my keyboard repeatedly.


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