Reader gift!

Earlier today, I got a UPS package from Amazon. This confused me, because I didn’t remember ordering anything. Although, considering I have definitely made drunk Internet purchases before (anyone want a youth XL size Joshua Cribbs jersey?), it struck me that it was entirely possible that I had ordered something and simply forgotten about it. Without hesitation (because I have no patience) I opened the box. Inside was perhaps the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen:

That, my friends, is a stainless steel Sharpie.

Turns out it was a gift from a loyal reader, featherandrust. Now, it’s not a new chair, or an “I ❤ Jewish girls T-shirt,” or a mashup of what Daria & Super Mario’s potential offspring might look like, but damn…that thing is pretty. I can’t wait to label things with it. Mmm…just me, my steel Sharpie, and some sweet, sweet labeling time.

Point is: this is now the expectation. One reader can do it, any of you can do it. I demand free stuff. And I demand it now. Get your acts together, people.

(BTW, featherandrust has a great Etsy. Check that ish out.)


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