Tweeting Egypt

Strictly speaking, this post is not about Egypt. For those who are abreast of what’s happening in Egypt, I’m not going to rehash it. For those who aren’t, good god start paying attention to what’s going on in your life.

Rather, this is to illustrate the extent to which social media (played here by Twitter) has become a ubiquitous means of broadcasting news (played here by Egypt). Earlier today, I set up a TweetDeck column which just searched Twitter for the phrase “egypt.” My original intent was just to get a feed that would keep me updated on the situation. I soon found, however, that this wouldn’t get it done for me, as there was simply so much in the Twitterverse on the subject that it updated faster than I could possibly read. After about a minute, I was so taken aback I decided to record it for posterity. After about another minute more, an error appeared at the top of the screen (not visible in the video) that my feed was being throttled because the volume of data running through it was so effing high.  The video is below. Please note I have not altered the speed of this video in any way. This is how it looked in real time. (Bonus: watch for my tweet about how crazy this is to show up at about the 1:25 mark.)



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4 responses to “Tweeting Egypt

  1. seth from nj

    I think the same thing would happen if you typed in Justin bieber to your tweetdeck…

    • I thought something like that might be that case, like I was just overreacting. let’s try that out…nope. still reloads pretty regularly, but nothing like egypt. egypt > bieber fever.

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