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It’s time to get a little personal. I know, I know. You’re thinking, “Why? Why on Earth would you do that to us? We had such a good thing going. You write amateurish posts about “Jersey Shore” episodes, we read and them and pretend they don’t look like they were written by the kid who used to eat paste back in elementary school. It works for everyone. Also, why are you doing this hackneyed readers’-inner-monologue gimmick? You must really suck.” Well, some of you are thinking that. By my calculations, it’s somewhere around 0.12% of the people who read this blog. The rest are my friends and family who I guilt trip into reading in order to get my hit count up and assuage my ego (Hi Mom!).

Well, at any rate, this is happening, so let’s all just learn to accept it. I decided to go video style for this one. Just seemed a little more creepy personal. Since I can’t natively embed video on my free host (why a free host? You’ll understand after the video.), check out the Vimeo below. For those who prefer reading, or don’t want to spend the time watching the video (it’s good), or just don’t want to look at my face (understandable), the script of the video follows the link. For a fun game, try reading along while you watch and counting all my mistakes! As if you could do any better. You perfectionist bastard.


I’m Dan, a.k.a. nosleeptil OR no_sleep_til OR no.sleep.til (it depends). OR, on Twitter: @tilesinamosaic (follow me! shameless plug!).

About a month, I decided to quit my job. I used to run a children’s shelter. It was fulfilling, I was making a difference, the pay was surprisingly good. And, I was good at it (seriously). But still, after a year of it (and almost 5 years in human services), I was miserable. So, as of 5 days ago, I QUIT.

…to be a writer.

My parents weren’t exactly ecstatic. But it had to be done.

When I tell people what I’ve done, I get a lot of questions:
“Are you looking for another job?” (No.)
“What will you write?” (Whatever I want.)
“Are you the dumbest person alive?” (Entirely possible.)
“Do you have a plan?” (Ish.)

I did not get into this because I have answers. I did it because I have questions.

I’ll certainly encounter some obstacles. I plan on being hungry sometimes. I plan on having to turn down social engagements because I can’t afford them. I plan on getting completely discouraged and cursing the day I made such a reckless decision. And, I plan on all those things being temporary. I plan on being happy. I plan on succeeding. I plan to not give up until those things happen.

This is week 1 (one, uno, un) of this experiment.

So, how do I spend my time now?

I journal. I blog ( I do pretentious things, like wear scarves indoors…but I like to think I don’t take myself too seriously.

Essentially, I just write. A lot. Every day. In my notebook. Or my other notebook. Or for clients (this morning, I wrote about prostate cancer. Later, I’ll be writing about hotels in Jackson, MS.). Or, just in my head.

So far, I’m not hungry. Or socially cut off. Or discouraged and wallowing in regret. But again, this is only week 1.

This is gonna be a fun ride.

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[Credit where credit is due: inspiration for this post came from this guy. Check it out. It’s good.]
[Musical credit: “The Garden” by Cut Chemist, from the album “The Audience’s Listening.” You can buy it on Amazon. Please don’t sue me.]



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6 responses to “Meet the author

  1. Surprisingly frank, at times, heartwarming and always thought provoking. I look forward to ensuing posts, excelsior

  2. Val.

    Dan, I love your blog… Except when it’s about Jersey Shore 😉 I wish you to find the answers to your questions and I am glad you left if you felt that miserable! Good luck to you!

    Oh and hum… I do wear a scarf indoor too sometimes…

  3. Emily D.

    Don’t forget to credit this guy:

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