Ridin’ dirty


I’m glad this dude and his backpack are comfortable. What’s that? No, sir, the other 6 people and I are just standing around because that’s how we get down; we don’t need a seat. You just keep on listening to Peter Cetera’s greatest hits or whatever nonsense you have dialed up on your iPod while you squint at your moderate-level sudoku through those inexplicable sunglasses. I’ll just stand here against the subway door. I’d rather potentially risk my life than sit next to your douchey ass anyway.



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3 responses to “Ridin’ dirty

  1. Seth from NJ

    you are one bitter man!

  2. Emily D.

    Heh. Moderate level.

  3. Grow a pair. Tell the guy to move his backpack (and himself) because you are allergic to peanuts and need two seats. If he refuses, say “I have two little words for you – Berrnie Goetz”.

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