I want a rebate on my taxes


Seriously, are we EVER going to get garbage pickup resumed in this city? The blizzard was a week and a half ago, and yet this is what’s happening on my block. It looks like District 9 out here. Or New Jersey or something. Next thing you know there will just be underwear and socks lying around on the sidewalks. Oh wait…



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4 responses to “I want a rebate on my taxes

  1. Muhammad from Mumbai

    WTF…My friend tells me you have a good blog and I should read it and your first new post mocks my homeland.

    You just lost one reader.

    Akhirah will be upon you soon!

  2. Seth from NJ

    Jesus Dan, you are offending everybody!

  3. Christopher from District 9

    तुम एक डिक दान कर रहे हैं!

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